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At ASA TV, we provide numerous services for events media coverage. Our services are second to none! Check our list of services below:

Corporate Services

* Movie {VOD/OTT/CINEMA}-Distribution Deal Shopping

* Boxing & Concerts Live PPV Broadcast

* Artist Video Production & Promotions

* Press Media Coverage and Activations

* Advertisement and Marketing (Content White brand)

* Film Light/ Cameras & Action on The Scene

* Campaign Coverage Recorded or Live

* Public Relations/Comm. and Activations

* Audio/Visual Communications and Stage Design


* Keynote Speakers and Webcasting

* Recruiting and Instruction Videos

* Content Editing and Damage Recovery

* Online Services and Commercial Ads Videos

* Club Events Live PPV and/or Recorded Broadcast

* Video Resume and Talent Castings Videos

* Video Directing and Producing


*Red Carpet Photography, Video and Events Hosts

*Wedding Video and Photo Packages

*Portrait/ Kids /Events, Product and Fashion Shoots

*Birthday's Video and Photogrpahy

*Family Reunions Video and Photography

*School Sports - HighLight Reels

*Fitness Videos and VOD Series

*Graduations Video & Photgraphy

*Special Projects (Investigative,Secret Shopper,Hidden Video etc..)

Don't see your project listed does not mean,
we're not up to the challenge. Give us a call


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