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ASA Television Corporation & Studios was founded in 2013.An innovative leader in Live Streaming Services, ASA TV is equipped with todays modern production technology. Reaching a wider audience and monetizing that audience has become an event organizers dream. ASA provides professional broadcast quality streaming services with ads insertions and Pay-Per-View and with (SMM) integration that drives (PPV) subscription sales. From live streamed events, webcasts, seminars, conferences, sports, movies, talk shows, ads, PSA's and more, at ASA we cut the cost of traditional productions and retain superior content quality at almost half of todays production rates. Our crew members are professionally trained and are known for their attention to detail.

When it comes to delivering your vision to creative media content. ASA Television is one of the leaders and most competent in the industry! Modern and innovative studios thats equip with next generation technology and production equiptment.

The bottom line is, you may only get one shot at making a brand impact through creative media advertisement and marketing. That's why some of the most respected and successful organizations entrusted this task of producing their creative content to ASA Television Studios.

Thee Creative Agency, An ASA on premises division, provides advertising, marketing, promotional services, brand development for creative advertising and promotions campaigns for television, print media, seo, revenue generating websites and today's streaming television and webcasting broadcast.

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